We’re comprised of industry-proven leaders who have decades of experts in their respective fields.

Client Support

Innovation begins with amazing client support. Our client support team is known for their ability to resolve nearly any issue during the first call. This positions Docutech with an unprecedented commitment to delivering service when you need it. This translates into a perfect moment for each of your individual clients. Not only do we believe our clients shouldn’t wait on hold, we also take pride in resolving concerns quickly.


Onboarding new clients, or helping clients upgrade their systems, is important to us. We’ve built an implementations team with industry experience and commitment to drive successful projects. They are on the front lines as your team configures systems to produce life’s important documents. We’ve built and delivered the industry standard for rapid implementation and stellar project management. We’ve invested in our team to enable our clients to deliver that outstanding experience during each and every interaction with their client’s transaction. After all, those moments are important.


Our integration teams internalize the importance of communication. Built from a group of skilled and specialized talent, we work to ensure that our solutions seamlessly connect with whatever origination system you use on the frontend. This ensures simplicity in the process, effectiveness in critical workflows and tranquil moments for your client’s special experience.


We believe that the best service we can provide comes from products that deliver great moments for your clients. Our product team consists of multiple product managers, business analysts and technical resources to ensure that that your client is never confused about signing on the dotted line. We are constantly improving and developing industry-leading products, while following industry guidelines and client/partner input to make you and your client’s experience with the documents that represent life’s important moments the most enjoyable yet.

Research and Development

Our Research and Development team is driven by an unmatched skill set and drives to provide the best product on the market. They work in close partnership with our product team to develop products exactly to specification. Where your client’s important moment is central to what we do, this team follows a strict software development lifecycle along with rigorous quality control, change management and quality assurance. This means our solution gets it right, every time.

Information Technology

Our commitment to security, reliability and scalability is second to none. Our Information Technology team ensures our fully redundant solution is ready for virtually any unplanned outage.


Our marketing team are brand evangelists who drive relevant content, to provide value to our clients, the industry and our employees as we communicate why we do what we do and what it means to deliver during life’s important moments. We are passionate about Docutech and the ability we have to impact life’s moments for your clients.

Accounting/Human Resources

Risk mitigation starts with robust accounting and human resource departments. Our accounting team works to ensure accuracy of your invoices and transactions that come through our solutions. The human resource team ensures we excel at hiring and retaining employees who add value to our organization but more importantly to ensure our staff understands our mission to embrace and take care of your client’s life moments.