At Docutech we believe it’s absolutely essential that the documents your clients sign are 100% accurate, secure, and reliable. After all those documents represent some pretty important things. Like a first home, a refinance or an exciting new move to a fresh start. So we are here as your trusted partner to offer you a wide-range of services to ensure that nothing interferes with the excitement of your client’s next move.

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Everything starts with what impacts the borrower’s overall experience. If the loan origination process starts out on a positive note, your business will benefit in many ways including more repeat and referral customers.


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Learn how Solex, Docutech’s new mobile-optimized eSignature platform, can improve the customer experience and support an efficient and compliant loan process

ConformX Solution Brief

Answering the call for greater optimization, enhanced transparency and a more improved customer experience, the financial services landscape is undergoing a significant digital transformation.

ConformX UCD Solution Brief

The UCD XML dataset follows a very detailed specification designed and released by the Government Sponsored Enterprises (GSEs) together to allow the CD to be communicated electronically via an embedded PDF.


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Our groundbreaking, intuitive platform, ConformX, drives our entire product line and transforms any internet connection into an easy to use, 24-hour document generation office. Our innovative and dynamic engine eliminates data re-entry, guarantees document accuracy and adapts to your business needs through rules-based intelligence…saving you time and money. Ultimately, it provides your clients with the best, most seamless experience possible.

Document Generation

A smarter way to do everything documents, from Initial Disclosures to Closing. Our rules-based engine drives dynamic documents no matter what the document needs.


From document generation and imaging support, to eDelivery, eSign and print fulfillment, Docutech sets the standard in providing market-proven technology and unrivaled customer service to you, your workforce and your clients.

Solex eSign

Docutech has invested in an eSign platform that is convenient, secure and easy to use. Borrowers can access your customized signing room at anytime from anywhere with an internet connection.

Print Fulfillment

Customers rave over our Fulfillment Center because of our ability to deliver timely results with just a few clicks. Using this feature automates the printing process significantly increasing the amount of load you can complete.

Collaboration Portal

Docutech’s award-winning platform has been enhanced to further support the timely delivery of the TILA-RESPA required closing disclosure making sure nothing gets in the way of your clients next signature.

Income Verification

Docutech speeds up the lending process by providing secure 4506-T processing built into the document preparation workflow. Income is verified and quickly returned directly from the Internal Revenue Service.

Regulatory Compliance

Quick and easy loan reviews made possible by detailed worksheets featuring Points and Fees Drill Downs that pinpoint compliance violations. Our HCL/PRED Check solution gets it right, every time.