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Insider Security Solution | 11 Quick Facts | More Head to Cloud | Mark Up Word

Volume 3, Number 04
August 2011 •
DocuTech, Staying Connected
A Newsletter About the Importance of Continuous Service Improvement.

DocuTech Adds Complete Insider Security Solution

Your IT system may already deploy Connected Care Cloud Security Suite to protect against external threats like viruses and hackers. But have you considered protecting your network from the inside?

While you are keeping the hackers at bay, studies show that insiders are responsible for 70 percent of all security incidents that incur losses, and laptop theft, which the FBI estimates is the second most common crime nationwide, comprises nearly half of all security breaches.

Four out of five companies have lost data on laptops, and half of all companies have lost data on USB drives. In today's business world, it is critical to retain control of your confidential data, even on remote and roving laptops. Furthermore, nearly all states require notifications of security breaches, which means your company may be liable if your data is not properly secured.

“More and more of our customers are realizing they need to monitor and protect their networks from the inside to prevent confidential data loss, secure laptops, filter web content and monitor employee activity,” said Howard Podgurski, DocuTech president. “We’re partnering with Awareness Technologies to provide customers with a simple, complete, Software as a Service solution, and adding it to the Connected Care Cloud Security Suites.”

Once Insider Security Solution software is installed company-wide, each workstation reports to a central data center, providing current reports and empowering you to monitor every detail of your company’s online activity through reports and a dynamic dashboard.

With insider security, even laptops used by remote and traveling employees report to the central data center every time a company computer connects to the Internet. Files can be retrieved or deleted at any moment, which can be critical in the event of theft or security breach. Insider security also helps you keep tabs on every keystroke of your employees' activity, including mail, instant messages and websites visited.

DocuTech cares about the full spectrum of your company’s IT security. To learn more about our DocuTech’s Connected Care Cloud Security Suite’s Insider Security Solution, please visit insider cloud security powered by Awareness Technologies, call our Philadelphia area office at 215.672.7060, the Baltimore area office at 410.793.0301, or send an email to

11 Quick Facts on Insider Security

  1. Insiders are responsible for 70 percent of the security incidents that incur losses. (Identity Theft Resource Center)
  2. Laptops are the leader for data loss incidents, amounting to 49 percent of all breaches. (Digital Forensics Association)
  3. The FBI estimates that the second most common crime, just after identity theft, is laptop theft. Each year, 2 million notebook computers are reported stolen and 97 percent of stolen computers are never recovered. (Processor, May 19, 2006.)
  4. Nationally, 12,000 laptops are lost or stolen at airports every week. (FlyerTalk)
  5. One of every 400 email messages contains confidential data. (Symantec)
  6. One of every 50 network files is wrongly exposed. (Symantec)
  7. Four out of five companies have lost data on laptops. (Symantec)
  8. Half of all companies have lost data on USB drives. (Symantec)
  9. At least 46 states have enacted security breach notification laws. (Ponemon Institute)
  10. More than half (52 percent) of CIOs believe data leakage is a top driver of their security spending. (Gartner, Inc., technology research firm)
  11. The overall amount of information available to technology users will grow by a factor of 5.1 next year. (IDC)


More Companies Head to the Cloud

Momentum behind the cloud computing movement continues to accelerate, according to CompTIA, the non-profit trade association for the technology (IT) industry information.

In a survey released Wednesday, CompTIA reports more organizations are moving from limited and trial deployments to comprehensive cloud solutions. More than half (56 percent) of organizations surveyed said they plan to increase their investment in cloud computing by 10 percent or more over then next 12 months.

For the Second Annual Trends in Cloud Computing study, CompTIA in June surveyed 500 IT and business professional decision-makers.

"This additional investment will likely be accompanied by greater complexity in the overall cloud strategy, such as moving to a hybrid cloud model or adopting more advanced services beyond Software as a Service," said Seth Robinson, director, technology analysis, CompTIA. "Organizations may begin exploring options such as Infrastructure as a Service and Platform as a Service, which will allow them to experiment with custom application development."

While IT departments continue to be the prime driver behind the transition to the cloud, the study suggests there is significant momentum building for individual business groups and units within an organization to seek out cloud solutions. About one in five (21 percent) companies surveyed said they have lines of business that pursue cloud solutions independently of the IT department.

"Most Software as a Service applications are easily accessible through the Internet, making it relatively easy for business employees to use them without involving the IT staff," Robinson said. "But there are risks in this approach, as lines of business often do not have the same awareness of security and reliability as the IT department. This has the potential to cause issues with business continuity and data leakage."

For the full story, click here.


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